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Carmelita Dancing
theres nothing like the four winds when there blowin, theres nothing like the children when there growin, theres nothing sweeter than the roses in bloom except Carmelita dancing through the room... theres nothing like her red hair when its flowin, theres nothing like her strong legs once they're going, theres nothin brighter than the man in the moon except Carmelita dancing through the room... theres nothin like the smog in Pasadena, theres nothin like a fallen Senorita, theres nothin left out in a world of gloom except Carmelita dancin through the room
Lyrics Credits: George Bunnell(Strawberry Alarm clock)
Music Credits: George Bunnell
Producer Credits: Stephen Connolly
Performance Credits: Stephen Connolly(vocals,acoustic guitar) James Harrah electric lead, Peter Wasner keyboards George Bunnell bass
Short Song Description:
A blues rock song written by George Bunnell who is the original bass player for the Strawberry Alarm Clock--who had that NO 1 hit in 1968 Incense and Peppermints He plays bass on this and helped me get the studio cats on the track Peter Wasner-now with Vince Gill. James Harrah-studio LA session player who played with Madonna,Ricky Lee, Melissa Ethridge and many others
Long Song Description:
song is about a dancing sexy red head named Carmelita--kind of ZZ top like
Story Behind the Song:
George wrote this song and since we have been friends since high school in Woodland Hills I decided to record it--it has a cool rock blues vibe to it...
Song Length: 3:29
Primary Genre: Blues-Modern
Secondary Genre: -
Subject Matter 1: Pride
Mood 1: Passive
Similar Artist 1: ZZ Top
Similar Artist 2: Dire Straits
Language: English
Era: 2000 and later