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Now I'm All alone//Eplilogue
Now i'm all alone and don't know why I found theres more to love than meets the eye
Lyrics Credits: Stephen Connolly
Music Credits: Stephen Connolly
Producer Credits: Stephen Connolly
Publisher Credits: Sailwinds ASCAP
Performance Credits: Stephen Connolly
Label Credits: Sailwinds Indie
Short Song Description:
a love lost song with hopes of reuniting
Long Song Description:
written in the 70's before a break up hoping it would not happen and that everything would be alright
Story Behind the Song:
the instrumental at the end Epilogue is really a separate piece on its own...the song was recorded in 1985 at Fattrax in beautiful Burbank Calif. with pros like Peter Wasner,
Song Length: 3:21
Primary Genre: Pop-General
Secondary Genre: Folk-General
Tempo: Non 4/4
Lead Vocal: Male Vocal
Subject Matter 1: Breaking Up
Subject Matter 2: Heartbreak
Mood 1: Nonviolent
Mood 2: Pleasant
Similar Artist 1: John Denver
Similar Artist 2: Paul Simon
Language: English
Era: 1980 - 1989